Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shazzy Fitness: In the Beginning and A Time to Dance DVD Review

Shazzy Fitness has just released two new revolutionary fun and funky dance fitness DVDs.  Shazzy Fitness: In the Beginning and Shazzy Fitness: A Time to Dance.  The innovative choreographed DVDs are set to original Christian music with a contagious hip hop beat.  These workouts complement the busy lifestyle of today's Christian.  Shazzy Fitness is a new and innovative dance fitness program taht fuses modern dance with faith based contemporary music, including Gospel Hip-Hop & Christian Rock.

Viewers will have a blast as they workout with Shazzy Fitness choreographers - Apollo, Leslie and Vera - through their fun, easy to follow, hip-hop dance routines that challenge the body and ignite the spirit.  These workouts are designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.  This hip hop workout is described as a cutting edge fitness solution that id divinely inspired, yet unapologetically funkafied.

With the push of the play button on the DVD menu, participants are treated to the full, fun, family friendly dance workout as they shed pounds and burn fat.  Other play options include: dance only to Christian music; easy to follow cardio moves; and multiple 10 minute, heart pumping workouts specifically choreographed to maximize the fat burn while fitting into even the busiest of schedules.  Energize the body and elevate the spirit while shedding pounds, burning fat and feeling good from the inside out.

Both of these workouts are fun.  The time goes by really quickly and it seems more like dancing than working out.  I enjoy the music and the instructors are fun and easy to follow.  I have done both videos twice now and I am looking forward to doing each of these again.  I started with In The Beginning and then I moved to A Time to Dance but you could do them in either order.

About the instructors -

Apollo Levine is a professional actor, performer, choreographer, dancer and music artist.  Apollo has worked on several notable shows with various theater houses including Dreamgirls, Ragtime and Smokey Joe's Cafe, just to name a few. 

Vera Musgrove is a five year veteran and former captain of the A-Town Dancers of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. 

Leslie Alison is the former captain of the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team and a back-up stage performer for MC Hammer.  She is the owner of Classix Dance Productions, a dance fitness company for seniors, ages 50+ and home to Atlanta's official senior dance team, the ATL Silver Classix Crew.