Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ingredients for Success by Joe Slawek Book Review

I enjoy reading books and reviewing them here on my blog so when I was asked to review Ingredients for Success 10 Best Practices for Business and Life by Joseph James Slawek I was excited to get it and read it.  I am at a point in my life when I am trying to be successful in life and in business.  I enjoy learning and this book is an easy read too.  The instructions are easy to follow and simple but I do believe they will bring me much success. 

What ingredients do you need to be successful in business and life?  Award-winning entrepreneur Joseph James Slawek shares his 10 best practices for business leaders, which he draws from the teachings of Jesus.  In his book you will learn what the Bible has to say about business, and how to, Know, Develop, and Use Your Unique Abilities, Use Your Talents Responsibly or You'll Lose Them,  Invest Your Talents Faithfully for Maximum Return, and Aim for Excellence, Not Perfection

There are a lot of references in this book to Slawek's business FONA and he uses examples of things that happened at that business as well as in his personal life.  I like the examples they help me put things into perspective for my own business and life.  This book can be a little bit difficult at times but overall it's an easy read.