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Disney Shake it Up 1 < 3 Dance Album Review

Track Listings

1. Contagious Love (Zendaya and Bella Thorne)
2. This Is My Dance Floor (Bella Thorne and Zendaya)
3. Beat of My Drum (Zendaya)
4. Blow the System (Bella Thorne)
5. Afterparty (Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine)
6. Holla at the DJ (The DJ Mike D Remix) (Coco Jones)
7. These Boots Are Made for Walkin (Olivia Holt)
8. Sharp as a Razor (McClain Sisters)
9. Future Sounds Like Us (Dove Cameron)
10. I Can Do Better (Young LA)
11. Shake It Up Theme Song (Cole Plante Reboot Remix) (Selena Gomez)
12. We're Dancing (Alex Ghenea 3.0 Remix) (Bridgit Mendler)

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this album to review.  We have been playing it and dancing since we got it.  I love to dance and this is fun music to dance to.  I really like track number 6 Holla at the DJ.

All My Children and One Life To Live Are Back and Better Than Ever!

One Life to Live

Show synopsis
One Life to Live follows the complicated lives of three main families: the wealthy Lords, the powerful Buchanans and the strong-willed Cramers. The quiet simplicity of small town living is often interrupted by the drama between them yet despite the struggles, strong family bonds keep them united.

Plot outlinehttp://www.one2onenetwork.com/Userfiles/One%20Life%20to%20Live/OLTL_MainGroup-1MEG.jpg
The good people of Llanview, Pennsylvania, lead complicated lives. In a town of questionable marriage ethics, teenagers grow up fast and fall in love quickly. The quiet simplicity of small-town living on the Llantano River is frequently upset by an over-abundance of multiple personalities who disturb the peace. Despite the jealousy, betrayal, and occasional baby-swapping, Llanview is where the Buchanan, Lord, and Cramer families struggle to retain the strong family ties that have always united them.

One Life to Live actors include Corbin Bleu as Jeffery King as well as returning actors Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan, Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord, Tuc Watkins as David Vickers, Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan, Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer, Jerry verDorn as Clint Buchanan, Florencia Lozano as Tea Delgado, Melissa Archer as Natalie Buchanan Banks, Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan, Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning, Josh Kelly as Cutter Wentworth, and Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning. Recurring actors include: Sean Ringgold as Shaun Evans, Shenaz Treasury as Rama Patel, and Nick Choksi as Vimal Patel.

All My Children

Show synopsis
All My Children revolves around the lives of the residents of fictional Pine Valley. For nearly forty years, this town has seen the trials and tribulations of its dynamic families. Now your favorite stories are back, and more dramatic than ever!
Plot outline
Since 1970, the residents of All My Children's Pine Valley, PA -- including its most famous citizen, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) have seen their fair share of scandalous hookups, feuds, and devastating murders. Pine Valley luminaries include resident hero Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison), Fusion Cosmetics maven Greenlee du Pres (Rebecca Budig), perpetual troublemaker David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry), funnyman Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight), and the unforgettable romantic duo of Angie and Jesse Hubbard (Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams).

All My Children actors include returning actors include Debbie Morgan as Dr Angie Hubbard, Julie Barr as Brooke English,Sal Stowers as Cassandra Foster, Eric Nelson as AJ Chandler, Denyse Tontz as Miranda Montgomery, Jordan Lane Price as Celia Fitzgerald, Ryan Bittle as JR Chandler, Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery, Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney, Ray MacDonnell as Dr. Joe Martin, David Canary as Adam Chandler, Heather Roop as Jane McIntyre, and Francesca James as Evelyn Johnson will be returning once the soap moves online

Each weekday there is a new 30 minute episode of each show.  They also have some guest appearances scheduled from Snoop Lion, Riff Raff, and Nervo. 
Just so you know, these shows are "off network" their content is more adult oriented and includes profanity and other material not appropriate for younger children.

The shows will premiere on Hulu starting at midnight on Monday, April 29th and will also be available on Hulu+ and iTunes for on-the-go viewing.



YouTube season previews (these can be embedded in your blog post and/or shared on social media)
Disclosure: I am participating in a campaign from One2One Network and The Online Network. I have not received payment for this post. My participation makes me eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated are my own.

NEW Combat® Ant & Roach Killing Bait Strips Review & Giveaway Ends 5/1/13 at 7 PM EST

NEW Combat® Ant & Roach Killing Bait Strips!

The same killing power found in Combat Gels is now available in a new discreet design. These thin bait strips have an adhesive backing that makes it easy to hide out of sight and reach of children and pets.

Currently I do not have an ant or roach problem, but I have put the strips out to keep away any problems.  They are easy to use just peel and stick.  The strips can be discreet.  You can put them anywhere.  They are not messy either.  These are great if you are having any issues with ants or roaches.

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Best of Warner Bros 100 Film Mother's Day Giveaway & Blog App Ends 5/5/13 at 7 PM EST

 You are going to love the new Warner Bros. Mother’s Day Movie Night Blog App:

Play the Guess-the-Scene Game! 

How well do you know the silver screen’s most famous love stories and sing-a-longs? Play the Guess-the-Scene game to test your knowledge on the world’s greatest films! The quicker you pick, the more points you score. Ready? Action!

Words in Film! 

Select your mood and let quotes and images from film express how you’re feeling!

Movie Night Conversation Starters! 

Watching a classic flick together is the perfect opportunity to catch up and share stories... this Mother’s Day make it a point to connect with your family and give them a chance to learn something about mom they never knew!

My Perfect Mother’s Day - This funny Fill-in-the-Blank sheet is all about your DREAM Mothers Day!  You can click on the above or copy and paste the following to input your answers and then paste for your comment to enter the giveaway.

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Good morning, it’s your dream Mother’s Day! Anything can happen!

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I’m spending the morning relaxing while watching my all-time favorite musical ___________ (movie title). I remember watching it for the first time when I was ________ years old.

Of course, I can’t watch this movie without my favorite movie snack ___________ !

For lunch, my friends and I are taken to dine at ________________ (restaurant). Bouquets of _________ (flower) greet us on arrival.

On our way home, our car unexpectedly hits a time warp and we’re teleported back to the set of my favorite romance film!

I find myself playing the role of my favorite character ___________________ (character).

Suddenly, I’m hollywood’s next big star! I’m strutting down every red carpet and being invited to all the exclusive premieres... I’m even dating the cutest movie star __________ and our celebrity couple name is _________________.

Suddenly I wake up and find myself safely back in my bed. Looks like I must have dozed off and started dreaming!

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Campus Bellhops Will Help Your College Student's Move Run Smoothly.

I hate moving.  Moving is never easy.  Summer is almost here and it will be time for college students to move again.  I found this awesome service that will help your college student take the pain out of moving.  Campus Bellhops is a student run business on 50+ college campuses nationwide.  They cover move-in's and move-outs for dorms, apartments, houses and storage units.  All bellhops (movers) are University students.  The customer will receive an email with their two assigned bellhops bios before they arrive to help the customer move.  The company was started by two Auburn University entrepreneurs and now it spans over 50 campuses and employs over 2500 students.

Seriously I wish they had this when I was in college.  I always lived off campus in an apartment and I moved each year when the lease ended to another apartment.  That's four moves in four years.  Somehow the moves always occurred in the hottest time of year in Florida where temps can reach well over 100 degrees.  So using Campus Bellhops would have been super for me back then.  It never fails that you will be on the top floor and have to move everything up all the stairs and down all the stairs.

They are super affordable with standard dorm moves costing under $100.  Did you know that 60% of college students live in a traditional on-campus dorm for their first college residence.  Kids usually have TV's, microwave ovens, dishes, mini fridges and heavy storage bins.  56% of college kids pack between 11 and 15 boxes for a move.  54% of moms compared the college moving experience with unpleasant activities such as a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the DMV.  Instead of helping your kids move, get Campus Bellhops and save the energy for some quality time together doing something fun!

To save 10% on your move use this coupon code:


Contact Campus Bellhops using the social media channels below:

This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated for it but the opinions expressed are purely my own.

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Prototype Book Review

Prototype  What Happens When You Discover You're More Like Jesus Than You Think? by Johnathan Martin
I have never read anything like Prototype before.  I really enjoyed it.  It's a page turner.  I am so glad that Tyndale Blog Network sent me a copy to review.  I Jonathan Martin is not what you would expect from a preacher.  Or at least not what I would expect.  He doesn't think like most preachers do.  He is more unorthodox.  You can read the first chapter here  http://files.tyndale.com/thpdata/FirstChapters/978-1-4143-7363-8.pdf.  
If you are on your faith journey you should read this book.  Everyone needs to read this and realize that we are made in God's image.  God loves us and knows that we are full of flaws.  He loves us anyway.  He loves us flaws and all.  I am happy that I was able to experience this book and learn from it.  I highly recommend it to all believers.
Remembering God’s love every single moment, left Jesus free to be human in a way nobody else had been before.  Is it possible that in this one thing, Jesus could be showing us everything about being human in the way God intended?  In Prototype, Jonathan Martin creates a vivid understanding of what it means to be beloved by God.  To completely trust, as Jesus did, that God loves you. To live life without fear, confident in your identity and purpose.  To handle life’s wounds as Jesus did, and to wake every day with a deep awareness of God’s presence.
Author Q & A
About the Author - Jonathan Martin is a third generation preacher who leads the liars, dreamers, and misfits of Renovatus, a Church for People Under Renovation, in Charlotte, NC, where he lives with his wife, Amanda.  A self described product of sweaty revivals, hip hop, and the “Christ haunted landscape” of the American South, he holds degrees from Gardner Webb University, the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and Duke University Divinity School.  He is dedicated to exploring the
beauty of God, the wonder of being called God’s beloved, and what it means to
become fully human.
1.  What is your hope for this book, Prototype?
My hope is that in the middle of the noise and clutter of our lives, Prototype will be a book that calls
people in out of the rain and brings them smack dab into the knowledge that they are beloved sons and daughters. I want Prototype to speak deeply into our identity. Most of all, I want folks to know how
desperately loved they really are. Because I really believe the knowledge that we are loved
outrageously in all of our silliness, mundane-ness, and wrong-headedness, and even our beauty is the ground floor of existence.  If we really believe we are loved in the core of our being, we can learn to make every decision out of that knowledge. That’s how Jesus lived His life living each moment
with the confidence He was beloved by God.  And if it was possible for Him, it’s possible for us.  Jesus is our prototype for living a life fully awake to our identity, and thus to others and to the world. I hope Prototype will help folks come awake!
2.  You say that Jesus is the prototype who came to show us that it is possible to become human
in all of the ways He was. What do you mean by this?
Jesus was fully convinced that He was loved and fully at home in His own skin.  Out of the overflow of
His intimacy with His Father, He made others feel seen, known, and loved.   There is nothing more human than to be known and loved, and that is not an experience unique to Jesus.  He’s the first off the assembly line of a whole new species of humanity, “the firstborn of the dead.”  He’s the leader of a new humanity, of people who are known and loved by God and he’s calling others into that same way of being known.   We can touch like Him, love like Him, experience beauty, wonder, and compassion like He did.  We can live without fear as He did. It’s quite a way to be human, and it’s available to each of us.
3.  Tell me about the personal experience(s) which prompted you to write such a book.
This little book has been 34 years in the making. It’s everything that I learned as an awkward kid full of
self-doubt and terrorized by notions of a vengeful, violent God, as I somehow stumbled into the
awareness that God delights in me.  The experience of discovering my own identity as a beloved son of God, a long process that involves a lot of wonderful people, has changed my life inalterably, and I feel compelled to share that journey with others.
4.  You talk about “the boy on the bike” in your book.  What exactly do you mean by this?
I think everybody has had a time or a place early in life when they knew what it was like, even if only for small moments, to live without fear. To have a suspicion at least that they are known and loved by
something or someone out there. It may not have been an explicitly religious experience, but I can
assure you that whenever fear has been absent from your life, God was more present than you knew.
For me, that place was on my blue-and-silver Schwinn bike, my time machine to other worlds. Riding it, I was a child of wonder and not of fear. I had a powerful experience a few years ago when a friend who knew nothing of that part of my life felt like God told him to tell me He wanted to make me the boy on the bike again—the boy who knew what it was to create, to imagine, to be loved. A few months later, I had an unexplainably odd experience actually riding a bike for the first time in 25 years that brought this full circle. It restored my true identity, not as a pastor or a writer or whatever it else it is I once thought I was, but as the boy on the bike. That’s who I really am; that’s how God knows me, and that’s who I will always be.
5.  What advice might you give someone in recalling their “boy on the bike”/“girl on the
trampoline” experience in life? What’s the significance of this “place”?
A lot of people say at first they didn’t have such a place or moment. I would challenge you to think
longer, deeper, more slowly, even prayerfully. There is a place in your past that holds the key to your
present and your future.  Sometimes we have to go backward before we can go forward.  It needs to be remembered; it needs to be revealed. That place is not just significant, it’s of ultimate significance
—it’s the place where you meet God!
6.  When did you realize that you had to share this story?  What message do you hope will resonate with your readers?
I realized I had to share it the very night I rediscovered my identity.  For all the other messages I have
preached and will preach, I realized that is ultimately the story of my life and perhaps in some ways the only story I have worth telling.   I am not interested, though, in people knowing my story per se.  I want them to know their story and tell their story.  I tell mine simply because I want to open readers up to their own stories all over again, and rediscover the wonder of it.  This is not a book telling you about how I hear from God.  It’s a book that tells you that you hear from God, and hopefully gives you the resources to hear Him by, or in Frederick Buechner’s phrase, to “listen to your life.”
7.  How did you recognize God’s call and direction for your life?
When I stopped looking too hard for it and agonizing about it, and began to learn how to be in the
presence of God instead of always feeling the need to “do” something. That’s where it all started for
me, and I’m still learning to recognize God’s call and direction for my life. That’s not something you
learn and then get down and move on; that’s a lifetime of discovery, and I’m still very much learning
who I am and where I’m going.
8.  What encouragement would you provide to those who feel alienated from God?
I would want you to know that even if you feel alienated from God, He does not feel alienated from you.  He’s closer than you think. He’s not angry. He wants to make Himself known right in the middle of your ambiguity, doubts, questions, and fears. There is no way you are outside of His love.
9.  You have changed countless lives through your work at Renovatus. How has this work
changed you?
I’ve learned more from the people of Renovatus than I could ever teach them. They are beautiful,
authentic people who teach me by example how God can be known in the messiness of real life. Over and over again, I see people come to know the love of God through the unconditional love and
acceptance they experience through the community here. Their stories are so diverse, and yet in a
sense it’s the same story over and over again. When people come to know they are loved by real people in their brokenness, they can begin to believe they are loved by God. That is their story, and that is my story from knowing them in all the ways that I do.
10.  What is the best advice or encouragement that you have received?
The best encouragement I’ve ever received is that God wants to know me in my “waste places.” He
wants to be invited into the places where I’m broken.  He’s not squeamish with my brokenness; He is at home in it.  My friend Jim has helped teach me that the task is not to eliminate my brokenness in a way that no longer makes me human, but instead to keep my brokenness and humanity before the One who loves me.

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Rudi's Organic Seed Sprout Grow App

Rudi’s Organic Bakery is paying homage to its entrepreneurial roots through a microloan program with Kiva, a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect people across the globe through lending to alleviate poverty.

Rudi’s Organic has set a goal to loan $25,000 to 25 entrepreneurs in 25 days.  The amazing stories behind these entrepreneurs inspired us to create a Facebook application entitled, “Seed. Sprout. Grow.”  Through this application, fans can select an entrepreneurial story that inspires them and ‘share’ it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  It’s pretty simple - for every story shared, Rudi’s will  loan $1 until we’ve reached the $25,000 goal.

We would LOVE your help in reaching this goal!  Simply visit the  ‘Seed. Sprout. Grow.’ application and select an entrepreneur whose story touches you  and share.  For each share that your post receives, Rudi’s will also loan $1!

Fans who want to loan more can join Team Rudi’s Organic on the Kiva website and loan additional funds in the dollar amount of their choice.

This program was in part inspired by the introduction of Rudi’s Organic’s new Super Seeded and Sprouted Breads, which offer super nutrition without sacrificing the flavor and soft texture of Rudi’s Organic breads the whole family has come to enjoy.  To encourage folks to try the new delicious bread, there is a $1 off coupon for any Rudi’s Organic product inside the Facebook app. 

Paul Anka Duets Review & Giveaway Ends 05/02/13 at 7 PM EST

DUETS available everywhere April 9, 2013,
through Legacy Recordings, with spring tour dates to follow

DUETS  - Track Listing
(Legacy Recordings 54848 98676 2)
1. Walk A Fine Line – with George Benson and Michael McDonald (B)
2. Find My Way Back To Your Heart – sung by Paul Anka, background vocal by Tita Hutchison (A)
3. Do I Love You (Yes, In Every Way) – with Dolly Parton (B)
4. This Is It – with Michael Jackson (B)
5. I Really Miss You – with Leon Russell (A)
6. Think I'm In Love Again – with Gloria Estefan (B)
7. Pennies From Heaven – with Michael BublĂ© (A)
8. Crazy – with Willie Nelson (B)
9. You Are My Destiny – with Patti LaBelle (C)
10. Les Filles de Paris – with Chris Botti (B)
11. It’s Hard To Say Goodbye – with Celine Dion (C)
12. She’s A Lady – with Tom Jones (C)
13.  Hold Me ‘Til the Morning Comes – with Peter Cetera (C)
14.  My Way – with Frank Sinatra (B)

(A) Brand new recording.
(B) New version.  Features either new vocals or new musical instrumentation.
(C) Previously appeared on the 1998 album A Body Of Work.
I received a copy of this album to review.  I have been listening to it for a few weeks now.  It's really good.  Believe it or not this is the first time I have ever heard Paul Anka.  I really love his music.  He's very sentimental and writes great music.  The lyrics are beautiful and the music is to.  If you like Paul Anka or if you are like me and haven't ever heard him you should check this album Duets out.  It's really a great album.

You can enter to win your very own copy in my giveaway below.

Giveaway - Enter to win a copy of the Paul Anka Duets album

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I would like the Essential Adam Ant.

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Get your hands on a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me and take your photo with a copy of the book to qualify.

Enter the “Billy Graham & You” Sweepstakes on the Chicken Soup for the Soul Facebook Page where the grand prize winner will win a trip for two to The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina from anywhere in the continental U.S.*!  To enter, take a photo of you with a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me. Upload the photo to this sweepstakes on Facebook giving us your information where you got the book and tell them that Let's Eat 2 Day sent you!  One entry per person.  

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On July 4, 2013, they’ll pick a reader winner at random and award that winner the trip!  Second through fifth place winners will each receive a collection of Chicken Soup for the Soul products (over $100 value). 

Make sure to tune into Larry King Now on May 2, 2013 at 2PM EDT for a special on Billy Graham. You can watch at http://www.hulu.com/larry-king-now!

*Rules and restrictions apply. Open to legal U.S. citizens and residents of the continental U.S. (excluding Rhode Island). Sweepstakes runs from April 1, 2013 12pm EDT to July 3, 2013 11:59 PM EDT.