Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Food Triggers: End Your Cravings, Eat Well and Live Better by Rhona Epstein Book Review & Giveaway Ends 02/05/14 at 7 PM EST

Food Triggers

by Rhona Epstein

End Your Cravings, Eat Well and Live Better

Remember the old Lays® Potato Chips slogan “Bet you can’t eat just one”?  Psychologist Rhona Epstein says we all have foods that can trigger overeating.  Food Triggers shows how to work with your body chemistry to gain total freedom from such impulse eating.
A licensed psychologist and certified addictions counselor, Epstein brings insights learned through her own battle with addictive eating to deliver tangible action steps to overcome eating issues.  It is written for people who are currently battling an unhealthy relationship with food.  Food Triggers is full of practical applications from Scripture, genuine compassion and true stories of struggle and success.  This book helps readers understand that addictive eating is a physical, emotional and spiritual problem that must be addressed on all three levels in order to achieve true freedom.  Food Triggers isn’t just another diet book; it is truly a food addict’s roadmap to the Promised Land—the land of success, peace and total freedom.

About the Author

Rhona Epstein, Psy. D., CAC, is not only a licensed psychologist, certified addictions counselor and marriage and family therapist, she has personally experienced recovery from food addiction.  Dr. Epstein received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Chestnut Hill College and has been helping individuals find freedom over food addiction for the past 25 years.  Dr. Epstein practices counseling in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.  She is a much sought after conference speaker.

I have recently lost over 100 pounds.  I struggle on a daily basis to keep from overeating.  I realize that I am triggered to eat when I feel sad or stressed.  Boredom is also another big trigger for me.  Also I know that if I eat sugar then I am attracted to more sugar throughout the day.  I think that food is the hardest addiction to overcome because you have to eat.  But with God anything is possible.  This book will help the reader identify their own triggers and it offers a way to gain freedom from those impulses.  I am very impressed with the book and I highly recommend it.

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