Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cindy Whitmarsh - Ufit Ultra Burn, Ultra Tight, Ultra Lean 3 DVD Set Review

Get fit in six weeks and stay fit for life with Cindy Whitmarsh's new U.F.I.T. weight loss program.  It includes three DVDs, a meal plan and more.  Fitness and sports nutrition expert Cindy Whitmarsh has trained everyone from professional athletes to new moms.  Her new U.F.I.T. weight loss program asks women to give her six weeks, one minute at a time, for results that will last a lifetime.  The three Ultra Focused Interval Training DVDs each include two twenty minute workouts.  Each workout is made up of one, two or three minute intervals, alternating cardio and toning.  The moves are athletic and uncomplicated. 

What is U.F.I.T. training?  It's an intense interval training method consisting of targeted intervals to turn any body into a calorie burning machine while building a sleek, toned physique!  Since no workouts can beat what one eats, the complete downloadable U.F.I.T. package ($39.95) also includes a meal plan and a workout calendar.  Each DVD is available online and sells for $14.95.  Everything is available separately or as a complete set.

The three DVDs are:

U.F.I.T. Ultra Burn - Calorie Crushing Cardio and Sculpt & Stretch

U.F.I.T. Ultra Lean - Upper Body Bliss and Lower Body Blast

U.F.I.T. Ultra Tight - Hard Body and 6 Pack Abs

Hand weights are used.  There are modifications shown for beginners.  You can expect to sweat and you will get noticeable, lasting changes.

I have done the Ultra Burn and the Ultra Lean DVDs.  I did each 20 minute workout.  I really enjoy Cindy Whitmarsh's style.  She is tough and focused.  She does an awesome job with the demonstrations and the cues.  The workouts are tough and fun.  They go by quickly so you can get back to your busy schedule.

The workout calendar included in the complete set makes it easy to know which workout to do each day.  For the first two weeks, you have to commit to twenty minutes for six consecutive days.

The meal plan includes a first week jump start, grocery list, advice on supplements, eating on the go and more.  Week one switches the body into an accelerated change mode.  From there it movesinto a plan designed to help anyone stay on track to be fit, maintain lean muscle and live healthier.  Three meals and two snacks daily provide approximately 1250 calories each day for women and 1750 for men.  Each meal aims for a 30% of protein, 50% carbohydrates and 20% fat.