Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Studio By Ellen Barrett Fat Burning Fusion DVD Review

If you want to beautify, energize & burn fat (and feel great while doing it) this is the perfect workout for you!  Fat-Burning Fusion is a barefoot liquid cardio.  This signature Studio workout blends standing Pilates, calisthenics & simple ballet to elongate muscles, burn lots of fat and flatter the female physique.  Come on; let's get Gorgeous! No equipment necessary, no shoes required.

Fat-Burning Fusion is about getting into and staying in the fat burning zone, with flow and grace.  WE begin with standing invigorating breathing exercises, ease away back tension with stretch, and then spend about 40 minutes in a rhythmic mindful fat-melting blitz.

This workout is 46 minutes.  I have done it twice now and it seems to go by very quickly.  I enjoy Ellen and her moves are easy to follow.  The happy feet are a familiar move from her.  I enjoy how easily she combines the strength and flexibility for a fat burning fusion workout.

I work up a sweat and enjoy the music too.