Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SuperPretzel SoftStix Review

I got a package of SuperPretzel SoftStix to review.  This included Nacho Cheese, Buffalo Cheese and Cheddar Cheese.  We were super excited to try all three of these.  So we heated them up and got to tasting them.  April is National Soft Pretzel Month so it's time for you to stock up and get ready.  Try these and you will be hooked just like I am.  They are so good.  The Nacho Cheese was my favorite of the three but I like all of them.  I plan on picking more of these up when I see them in the grocery store.  They are a fun and quick snack that tastes delicious.
SUPERPRETZEL SOFTSTIX are the perfect anytime snacks to share with your friends and family! 

They make delicious hors d’oeuvres and party treats for events like:
·         Oscars Night Parties
·         The Olympics
·         Baseball, basketball and hockey game (MARCH MADNESS!)

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