Monday, March 3, 2014

Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled DVD Review

Jari Love is a certified personal Trainer and the creator of the highly successful, multiphase, no nonsense full body workout system, Get Ripped!  Metabolic cart testing was used on people of all sizes and fitness levels to scientifically show the results of weight loss and inches in just weeks.  Now, in addition to her newest DVD, "GET EXTREMELY RIPPED! & CHISELED", Jari has created 7 audio programs that can be easily downloaded from her website for $8.99 each.  Each audio download is approximately thirty minutes.  The audio instruction includes an explanation of each new exercise before it is done.  There are also visual video clips on the website to demonstrate each move.  Audios can be done with or without handheld weights, on an exercise bench or on the floor, while cardio workouts use a treadmill.

The Get Extremely Ripped! & Chiseled DVD challenges every muscle in the entire body.  The exercises are designed to create the ultimate burn to get the best possible results.  The workout targets each muscle group separately with two to three different weight training exercises (3 to 8 lb handheld weights are optional) to maximize time and challenge muscles effectively.  This workout will build new lean muscle and boost metabolims for hours allowing one to burn fat even when at rest.  DVD options include: 30 minute upper and 30 minute lower body workout; menu option to do full 60 minute workout; on screen clock for each exercise segment; and a bonus 5 minute Get Ripped! Abs section.  In typical Jari Love fashion, none of the moves are complicated.  In fact, they are very straight forward.  The secret to Get Ripped! program result is the way Jari designs the workouts to challenge, recover and challenge again.  Modifications are offered to everyone can benefit. 

This workout is super challenging.  Jari Love is super motivational and energetic.  The women working out along with her are so fit and ripped!  I enjoy this workout.  I haven't ever done both the upper and lower body portions together, that would be so tough for me.  But I do them separately and I love how strong I feel when I am finished with one of these workouts. 

Jari Love has over 25 years of health, fitness and nutrition experience.  She has helped thousands of people to successfully reach their fitness goals.  Jari has been featured on Fox News as well as in the New York Times, Oprah's O-Magazine, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Shape, Oxygen, Fitness Magazine and much more.

For more information and a complete list of her Get Ripped! titles and downloads go to  You can also follow her on twitter @jarilove.