Monday, February 24, 2014

We Heart Yoga Prenatal Flow with Jessica James Review

At eight months pregnant, yoga expert and celebrity trainer, Jessica James, guides viewers through three complete yoga sequences that will get moms-to-be in pregnancy shape in her new DVD, "We Heart Yoga: Prenatal Flow".  Jessica has created this real world yoga flow program that was born out of her own experience as a pregnant yogi.  Already a mom of one child, Jessica knew she needed yoga to prepare for the birth of her second child.  The DVD addresses the challenges and changes during pregnancy.  Jessica demonstrates the entire workout with a detailed and soothing voice over instruction set to the original music score produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkuit.

The DVD starts out with an introduction to explain the terminology used throughout.  It also lets you know what to expect from each workout section.  It teaches the user how to "flow" while pregnant.  The first workout section is a 20 minute cardio set designed with a quick warm up to burn calories and incorporate simple stretches when time is limited or energy is low.  Section 2 is a 40 minute full body set that is focused on stabilization and breath work and gets the body ready for all the pregnancy changes.  Section 3 is a 60 minute full body workout that is designed to strengthen the lower back and shoulders which is needed to support the additional weight gained during pregnancy.  This segment concludes with deep and relaxing stretches and a simple guided meditation that sends light and love to the baby.  This is a bonus 10 minute meditation only section to mentally prepare moms for labor and delivery.  Other bonus features include: a clock in the lower part of the screen to help with pacing; A with or without music option; and, an interview section with Jessica James.

Some prenatal yoga DVD's are soothing and gentle, but they really don't necessarily meet the needs of the pregnant woman who is serious about working with her body.  Every pregnant woman is concerned about the weight gain and knows that labor and delivery are just around the corner, so Jessica has designed this DVD to get moms in "pregnancy shape" and keep them there!  Jessica's workouts are fun, energetic and challenging.  The workouts on this DVD are no-nonsense, yet easy to follow designed for yoga mom's to be.  Viewers will find the support needed to stay healthy and strong as there are modifications for every fitness and energy level. 

Jessica James lives in Malibu, CA with her two children.  She is known as the celebrity's secret weapon in Hollywood.  She is a yoga alliance certified teacher and has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, with a celebrity clientele that includes Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale and Perez Hilton. 

This DVD includes an Intro, the Main Menu which offers options for a 20, 40, or 60-minute routine. There is also selection for extras which brings up the music only options for each practice, a 10-minute meditation, and a 7-minute interview with James. I really like this DVD.  I am not pregnant but it is a solid workout for me too!  I highly recommend it.