Monday, February 24, 2014

Leslie Sansone: Super Walk Deluxe Kit Review

Leslie Sansone is my favorite walking instructor.  When I saw the Super Walk Deluxe Kit I wanted to try it out right away.  It comes with some Body Boost Cables that really amp up the walk and use muscles in a different way that works.  This kit comes with all new 12 miles of super walks that are better, smarter and easier than any system they have ever produced before.  The "Steps to Miles" systems measure the miles.  The walk clock counts down the minutes, which I love! 

The Body Boost Cables is a new system that is an easy way to add light strength training to every step and burn even more calories.  Never before have I seen a product designed like this for at home use.  This new super booster provides full body, multi directional resistance that increases the intensity to a peak of 6lbs.

The kit also includes a 21 day meal plan this plan will take the guess work out of losing weight and feeling great.  I always say that the majority of weight loss is from what you eat.  Working out is a smaller percentage but still important.

There is a 2 Mile Super Walk - The first mile gets you started with the classic walk at home system.  The second mile introduces you to the all new body boost cables and features the 100 lb down mile which includes a cast that has all walked off 100 lbs or more. 

Next the 3 Mile Super Walk is a very inspiring walk.  The first mile is brisk, the 2nd mile is the super mom's mile which features moms who have walked off 20, 30, 50 pounds.

The 4 Mile Super Walk has a big calorie burn which included a mile 1 classic walk - a 15 minute mile at a brisk pace.  That mile is followed by an interval training style for mile 2 that really gets your metabolism going.  Then mile 3 instructs you further on ways to use the new body boost cables to target particular areas.  I really enjoy this mile 3.  The body boost cables get me sweating and my heart pumping.  Mile 4 is the easy mile, 12 minutes of fast walking.

Then the last DVD is the mini walks.  Three 1 mile walks, these are perfect for those days when you need to get energized but don't have time for a full workout.  You can chose from a 12, 15 or 18 minute mile.

Leslie is a professional walker, she knows how to get you motivated and exercising in no time.  This kit is great for beginners and beyond.  I love to let my friends borrow Leslie's walking workouts because they can start a workout program with Leslie without any experience working out.  I love Leslie's new body boost cables that come with this kit too.  They really get me sweating and work my muscles.