Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tracy Anderson Precision Toning DVD Review

Tracy Anderson's Precision Toning is amazing.  There are 4 complete workouts.  She focuses on the arms, abs, butt and legs.  I have done each of the workouts separately and I have done them all together.  She counts and demonstrates the moves.  Each move is done several times up to 40.  The butt moves are done 40 times each.  I was super sore after I did this workout for the first time.  I have several of her workout DVDs but this one is by far my favorite.  I love how she broke the segments down and concentrates on one body part for 15 minutes and then moves to another part. 

The DVD has a chapter menu so you can choose which workouts you do.  This workout is for all skill levels and it will help you learn the basics of Tracy Anderson's Method.  She suggests you learn this DVD before moving on to her other workouts.  I have to agree with her.  If I had this DVD before the other ones that I have bought then I would have understood it better.  The workout is designed to tone, strengthen and get every muscle engaged.  It is a workout for your entire body.  Precision Toning by Tracy Anderson focuses on empowering the smaller accessory muscles as they strengthen and support the large muscle throughout the entire body.

Total Fitness DVD's is an excellent source for all your exercise DVD needs.  They have superb customer service and you will always be pleased with your purchase.