Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Denise Austin's Fat Burning Walk Review

Denise Austin is one of my favorite workout instructors.  She has an upbeat attitude and she is fun too!  She does a good job of giving the cues and she is easy to follow.  When I received a copy of Denise Austin's Fat Burning Walk DVD to review from Collage Video I was super excited to pop it in and see what it was all about.  I am a fan of the walk at home DVDs but this is the first one I have done from Denise Austin.  I love that it's 30 minutes because a lot of mornings I don't have much time to spare.  

With this DVD you will walk your way to slim and improve your overall health.  Denise Austin’s 30-minute complete at-home walking workout is designed to tone your body, boost your metabolism and burn fat fast!  Reshape your body with five unique 5-minute intervals.  This fat-burning walk challenges your body by using a variety of walking moves that specifically target your arms, legs and butt while torching countless calories.  It also includes a bonus Walking Abs workout.  You will be sure to train and tighten your waistline while you walk your way to fitness! 

The workout starts with a terrific warm up.  Denise starts off with the basic moves that prepare you for the rest of the fun, fat-blasting walk.  The workout includes arm toning.  You will sculpt sexy arms with energizing walking moves that incorporate arm presses, pumps and pulses to target tone the biceps, triceps and shoulders.  There are slim sprint intervals sprinkled in throughout the workout.  Denise offers a modification if you are new to the workout or just getting started working out.  The sprints will get your heart and metabolism moving.  The hill climb section has you reaching for the summit and sculpting your legs and butt with moves that lift, curl and squat your bottom half into better shape.
The cool down will slow your steps and your heart rate using essential total body stretches. 
Here's a little bit of information about Collage Video for those of you who have never heard of it. 
Back in 1987, they realized that back-of-the-package video descriptions — and friends’ suggestions — just didn’t get us videos that were right for OUR situation.
So they decided there had to be a better way — search out the best videos and describe them honestly. So they printed the first-ever exercise video catalog. Since then we’ve helped over one million people reach their fitness goals.
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