Friday, November 1, 2013

Disney Classics Box Set

Disney Classics Box Set is going to be available November 12, 2013 and you can pre-order it now.  I grew up listening to the Disney Classics.  I love Disney music.  The classics are so much fun!  This box set has some nice features.  Do you remember singing along in the car on long road trips to Disney songs?  I do.  We always enjoyed listening to these songs when I was a child.  The Lion King is a movie that has songs that really stand out in my mind.  I actually had the soundtrack and memorized every word to every song.

The first time I went to Disney I was four years old.  When we were watching the parade Goofy gave me a huge bunch of balloons.  I loved it.  I held on to them for a few minutes and then I accidentally let it go.  I was crushed.  I should have had the balloons tied to my hand.

Box Set Information:

• The box set is currently available for pre-order on It is also available for purchase in the Disney parks.
• The official release day is Tuesday, November 12, 2013. At that time, the box set will be available for purchase wherever music is sold.

• The suggested list price for the box set is $49.98. (Prices may vary depending on retailer.)

• The box set includes 4 discs of 94 original recordings. A list of all songs has been provided with these posting details.

§ Disney Modern Classics

§ Disney Theme Park Classics

§ Disney Timeless Classics

§ Disney Television Classics

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