Thursday, November 21, 2013

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift DVD Review

New 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift DVD provides quick workouts for a bodacious behind.  I love this DVD.  I have done all of the workouts separately and one day I did them all 5 together.  The DVD has 5 complete 10 minute routines.  Rear view rescue starts now with the newest release from the best selling 10 Minute Solution DVD series.  This workout DVD delivers five fun, creative and effective approaches to getting a booty that defies gravity.  No need to go south of the equator, or even leave your own home.  These mini workouts are geared to fit your busy lifestyle with just 10 minutes at a time.  Whether you prefer heart thumping cardio or Pilates infused matwork, Los Angeles based fitness expert Christine Bullock has put it all together into one jiggle busting DVD.  There is even a bonus abdominal workout.  This new DVD is already available in stores and on for a suggested retail rate of $14.98.

Christine Bullock's inventive workouts include:

Butt Lift - Standing and floor moves that target the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.  This one is fun and the time flies as you get that back side firm and lifted.

Cardio Booty Camp - Jump, squat and kick that rear view training into high gear to blast calories and solidify those assets.  This is fun.  I am not really a huge fan of cardio but 10 minute is totally doable.  I enjoy this one a lot.

Upright Booty - This is an all-standing workout designed to lift those buns as high as they'll go.  I find this one challenging.  I have a hard time balancing but I am able to complete it and I feel it working almost immediately upon completion.  Each time I get better.

Butt & Thighs - Graceful ballet, yoga and Pilates inspired moves fuse together to shape a sexy backside and sleek sculpted legs.  This one really gets my thighs sore but it's worth it!

HIIT Butt Lift - Torch calories and tone with super charges Tabata style intervals.  Very intense section that is fun and it works.

Amazing Abs - Sculpt a sexy midsection with moves that attack from all angles.  Great little add on, I always need an ab workout!

No equipment needed for this total tush transformation.

Christine Bullock has certifications in Pilates, yoga and Barre.  She teaches group fitness including TRX and HIIT at Equinox, Yoga Works and Studio Pilates, all in the Los Angeles area.  Bullock is also certified as a nutrition and wellness counselor.  She is a former ballerina with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, an experienced fitness model and a write and lifestyle host.

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