Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big G Retro Monsters Cereals #retromonstercereal #PlatefullCoOp #paid

Monsters Cereals in Special Throwback Packaging, Only Available at Target, are Back!

The Retro Monsters are back! Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry cereals are once again hitting the shelves at Target in their retro packaging and they’ve brought Monsters snack items for you to enjoy as well.  Try Count Chocula Treats, Boo Berry Fruit Roll-Ups and Franken Berry Fruit Roll-Ups in special retro packaging, found exclusively at Target.

Perfect for nostalgic cereal fans and Halloween lovers, Monsters cereals and snacks are fun for the whole family.

Great for breakfast and snack time, try combining melted marshmallow with your favorite Monsters cereal to create your own ghoulishly tasty treats.  Looking for an instant Halloween costume!  Monsters cereals in special throwback packaging, only available at Target, include a cutout mask for quick dress-ups. Monsters snacks are also perfect as Halloween party munchies and for rewarding trick-or-treaters.


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