Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Citizen Book Review

Citizen (Kregel Books, October 2014)
For Rob Peabody, the young pastor at a mega-church in southern USA, the realization that his faith had little real connection with the world around him meant that something had to change.  He redirected his church towards the poor on their doorstep and then took the larger step of moving to the UK to establish the missional fellowship ‘Awaken’.
In Citizen he outlines the Kingdom-centered identity that is given to followers of Jesus.  It’s a wake-up call to the church in the West. Jesus’ death and resurrection initiates and invites people into a life of so much more than the status quo.  God is re-building, re-newing, and re-creating that which is broken and marred by sin, and he is doing this – setting things right in the world – through Jesus.  As citizens of the Kingdom, we have been saved and set apart for this work.  We have a new allegiance, a changed identity, and a new mission as we seek to establish the rule of God on earth as it is in Heaven.
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Previously the lead campus pastor at an American mega-church, Rob Peabody is now director of the Awaken Movement who left his church in the Texan Bible-belt to start and lead a Fresh Expression of church seeking to engage unreached 20's and 30's in northeast London.

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My Review - I have a tough time identifying with this book.  I feel encouraged and ready to get moving but I am not sure where God wants me to go.  I am ready to take on the challenge.  This is a well written book.  It does light a fire in me and gives me the desire to change the world.  I am happy I read it but it has opened up a lot of questions in me that I am now searching for the answers to.  I do recommend this book.  It will inspire you.