Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DOD Fitness Donuts Make Working Out Easier!

New workout products from DOD Fitness to help people workout safely and in comfort.  I am lucky I got to review these.  Sometimes I have knee pain and with these I can continue to do my workouts on my knees.  These new fitness tools make it easier for people with problem knees, wrists and neck to do moves that were almost impossible for them before.  The Knee Donuts, Wrist Wedges and Neck Circles provide the support, stability and comfort needed for those who have trouble putting weight on their wrists and knees and/or need support for their neck.  Company president, Gretchen Zelek explains, "The line was tested by a team of fitness pros including experts in biomechanics, kinesiology and chiropractors."  They are available at  The Knee Donuts and Wrist Wedges are sold as a pair for $19.99 each.  The Neck Circle is $9.99.  A complete set of all three products in a handy tote back is $44.99.

All of the DOD Fitness products are made in the USA.  Their specially designed foam is covered in the waterproof, sweat-proof and bleach-proof coating.  The foam is made to a specific density to provide support and cushioning.  They are extremely lightweight and easy to take to a class or gym.  The products are appropriate for anyone to use at home or in a workout studio.  Personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga and Pilates teachers will be able to help their clients further their fitness goals.  Gyms offering these products will draw in more students for their group fitness classes.