Friday, April 18, 2014

Workout One On One Training With Jackie Warner DVD Review

Train like a celebrity...with the star of Work Out!  You've seen Jackie Warner whip celebrities into shape on the hit BRAVO show Work Out.  Now you can experience Jackie and her team's intense and personal workouts that command up to $400 per hour at the famed Beverly Hill penthouse gym Skysport & Spa.  Jackie's 20-minute upper body, lower body and core workouts deliver ultimate fat burn and body tone by using her exclusive moves in fusion cardio and strength training.  So get up, get moving and get in the game! 

UPPER BODY: See those biceps pop and achieve a sexy shoulder-to-waist 'V' taper with muscle-toning moves that burn mega calories. 

LOWER BODY: Shape lean and toned glutes and thighs with power-sculpting exercises that boost strength and your heart rate. 

CORE: Blast fat and your midsection with ab-chiseling moves that will help you achieve Jackie's famous washboard stomach!

This workout DVD is fantastic.  At first I didn't like the set-up how she works with one person at a time but after doing the workouts several times I have grown to love each workout.  The upper body routine is challenging and it works.  I love the lower body workout too.  I can really tell that it is getting my lower body into better shape.  The core workout was too hard for me the first couple of times I did it.  Now I am able to get through it.  My core is getting so strong.  I like Jackie's style and this workout DVD is terrific.  I highly recommend it.