Friday, April 18, 2014

Barre Fitness with Jessica Smith DVD Review

Tone, sculpt and stretch your body from head to pointed tow with this ballet-inspired workout program.
This DVD includes three workouts that can be done separately or all together for one complete session!

Cardio Ballet (20 Minutes) - Forget the boring treadmill, burn calories with the grace of a ballerina! This fat-burning ballet inspired session works up a surprising sweat in a small amount of space, no equipment required.

Barre Burn (20 Minutes) - Lift, shape and define your entire body with this cardio sculpting barre workout. A sturdy chair and a set of light hand weights (2-8 pounds depending on level) are recommended.

Floor Barre (20 Minutes) - Cinch, tighten and stretch - without ever leaving the ground - with this total body conditioning routine. A mat and a soft ball or pillow are recommended for this workout. 
Jessica Smith is one of my favorite instructors.  She has a quiet and calm nature that is soothing.  I really like this DVD.  There are three complete workouts.  Each one is  perfect for a quick workout when you only have 20 minutes or you can do all three together for a whole hour workout.  I really like them all.  The cardio routine gets my heart rate up and gets me sweating.  The Barre Burn does a fantastic job of getting my muscles working and heated up.  I used the 5 pound hand weights.  I hope to work up to the 8 pound hand weights.  The Floor Barre workout is my favorite.  I like to workout on the floor.  It seems relaxing but it challenges and works too!  I really love this DVD and you should get it because I know you will love it too.