Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Found Book Review


by Micha Boyett

A Story of Questions, Grace, and Everyday Prayer

Embracing a new way to pray and an old way to God.
My first year of motherhood I lost prayer.  I lost early mornings of quiet, mornings in my pajamas with a Bible in my lap, mornings when I spoke my mind’s chaos into God’s ear and let the chaos come back ordered, holy sealed.  I lost peace.  I lost clarity and certitude.  My faith was never perfect before my son was born, but somewhere in that first year, somewhere in my distraction and exhaustion, I lost the Spirit-life I had known. I blamed myself. . . .”  Found is a story of nourishment for anyone who hungers for rich spirituality and has come up empty.  It’s a story for anyone who is trying to reconcile great big dreams with the ordinariness of their days.  It’s a story of discovering divine kindness and affection in the most mundane moments of life.  With brilliant and moving prose, Micha Boyett invites us on a journey to discover the richness in the everyday—and it changes everything.

About the Author

Micha Boyett is a blogger, wife, and mom with a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry degree from Syracuse University.  A former youth minister, she's passionate about monasticism and ancient Christian spiritual practices and how they inform the contemporary life of faith.  Boyett and her husband live in San Francisco with their two boys.

I really enjoyed this book.  I highly recommend it.  It's perfect for anyone who is missing something.  You can find everything you need with God.  You must read and spend time talking to God.  This book is wonderful and I am so glad that I was chosen to review it.