Thursday, April 24, 2014

FIT AS A PRO - Five 10-minute Full Body Workouts with Lauren Sesselmann (2014) Review

Unleash your inner athlete with this new "Fit As A Pro" Workout DVD set.  Each DVD has 5 complete 10 minute workouts that can be used separately or all together in any sequence you choose for a terrific workout.  Professional soccer star Lauren Sesselmann firmly believes that everyone is an athlete in their own way.  Her own athletic training has taken her to the 2012 Olympics and gainer her professional status.  Now she is sharing her favorite workouts with anyone who is looking to up their fitness game and get into the best shape possible.  Her "Fit As A Pro: Five 10 Minute Full Body Workouts" DVDs are available now on and on from Cafe Oscuro Films, LLC for $19.98 each.  They are appropriate for all fitness levels.

Sesselmann knows first hand that professional athletes have challenges finding the time between traveling, practice and games to train effectively.  When they are on the road, often a hotel room workout is the only option.  Sesselmann credits these take with you anywhere 10 minute routines for getting her more functionally fit than she has ever been before.  Using these DVDs consistently will result in leaner legs, firmer butt and flatter abs.

Fit As A Pro: Five 10 Minute Full Body Workouts for Small Spaces is designed to work just about anywhere.  There is a chair workout, a pillow workout, two full body workouts and a boot camp style cardio circuit workout.  It also has the warm up and the cool down.  I did the entire DVD the first time I put it in and it was quite a workout.  I was sore for a few days after doing all five of these workouts.  They are intense and very effective.  I love her style, she is easy to follow and has a nice calm voice.  She seems to get tired right along with me.

Fit As A Pro: Five 10 Minute Full Body Workouts includes a full body workout that can be done with nothing more than a water bottle.  The other menu options are a cardio and agility workout (jump rope is optional), jumping, abs, and towel circuits plus warm up and cool down.  This one I have done two or three of the 10 minute segments at a time.  They are fun and get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring.  I love these DVDs.  Both of them are going to be in my rotation from now on.