Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Dose of Relief with Children's Advil plus Coupon Offer

When your child has a fever, it can be an overwhelming experience.  In fact, 52% of parents(1) have reported they feel anxious, fearful or helpless when their child comes down with a fever. Luckily, moms can count on Children's Advil® to supply fast relief and peace of mind when a fever strikes
Children's Advil® contains ibuprofen, the medicine pediatricians use most for their own kids' fevers(2).  Providing up to 8 hours of relief in just one dose, nothing relieves fevers faster* or keeps them down longer than Children's Advil®(3).

When used as directed parents can feel confident knowing that Children's Advil®
is both safe and effective, and will get their kids feeling like kids again. Children's Advil®is intended for use in children ages 2 to 11 years. It is available in great tasting Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors. It is also available in convenient Grape Chewables and an easy-to-swallow small tablet. For infants age 6-23 months, Infants' Advil Drops are available in a Dye-Free White Grape flavor.
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Below are some additional tips to help fight fevers!

Children's Advil® Fever Relief Tips
  • Dose fever medication based on the child's weight as this is the preferred method used by doctors.
  • Though it can be tempting, don't wake a sick child in the middle of the night just to give them fever medication. They need sleep!
  • Wait a full 24 hours after a fever passes to send your little one back to school or daycare.

Visit the Children's Advil® Feel Better Activity Center on Facebook which is full of ideas to help make a sick day a little bit better.
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(1) Based on two surveys of parents and pediatricians conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Children's Advil®
(2) Based on a survey of doctors
(3) Among OTC fever reducers/pain relievers  
*Based on reducing a fever below 100°F