Friday, April 25, 2014

Dr. Teri Jory's Poise Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core DVD Review

POISE Fit Creater, Dr. Teri Jory, international health and fitness life coach, has just released her newest DVD, Poise Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core.  This DVD will get your poised to train and gain beautiful flat-fit abs and sculpt your total body.  The POISE workout technique is aptly named to embrace and incorporate the following elements: (P) Power, posture and pelvic floor, (O) Oneness of body and mind, (I) Inspiration, (S) Sculpted and sexy body, (E) Empowered and energized, to create a working melding mind, body and spirit to be the best it can be.

POISE Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core is divided into three sections to target all body parts and provide a full body workout.  The first section is 23 minutes and it builds power and sculpts arms and back with inner core activation.  I did this workout this morning.  She starts out with 300 jumping jacks.  I wasn't able to do all of them but I am sure that I can build up to it.  She does lots of repetitions of all her moves, typically either 100 or 75 of each move.  This workout is tough.  I can't believe how fit she is.  There are two others exercising with her and they are both in great condition too.  I had to do some of the modifications and just keep on trying to keep up with Dr. Teri Jory.

The second section is 22 minutes and it is designed to develop svelte and strong legs with inner core activation.  This section wasn't as difficult for me to keep up in.  I guess my legs are in better shape than I thought.  I really enjoy this section.  Section three is 18 minutes and it cuts your abs into fit and fierce abs that activate the inner core and pelvic floor muscles.  This section is difficult and I know my abs are going to be sore for a long time after I completed this section.  If you think this DVD is going to be easy you should try it.  It is very advanced.

Dr. Teri Jory gives clear explanation and instruction on the inner core (deep) and outer core (surface) muscles that all attach to the pelvis providing a solid body foundation.   The inner core muscles are the pillars for stabilizing the pelvis and lower back, giving the rest of the body including the outer core a secure foundation for movement from the arms, back, legs and even the feet.