Friday, April 11, 2014

125 Best Vegan Recipes Cookbook Review

I am not vegan but I know that the more fruits and veggies I eat they healthier I will be.  I had a doctor tell me one time that his father was on blood pressure medication for over 30 years.  Then he went vegan and could stop taking the medication for high blood pressure.  I find that to be very compelling.  I was fortunate enough to get this 125 Best Vegan Recipes book to review.  

This wide and wonderful array of vegan recipes will appeal to a broad range of tastes.  From singles to families and form sophisticated palates to lovers of soul food.  The reissue features 8 new all color photos and completely redesigned cover.  It also includes recipes for every meal and occasion, from appetizers, soups, salads and wraps to grains, desserts and bakes goods.  Consistently tasty, these recipes are always built around readily available ingredients and they take very little time to prepare, which makes them ideal for busy people and families that are on the go.

Here is a small sampling of the inspired recipes:

Spicy Black Bean Dip
Asian Vegetable Turnovers
Spicy Squash and Fennel Soup
Fresh Minted Pea Soup
Quinoa Salad with Grapefruit and Avocado
Shepard's Pie
Curried Vegetables with Tofu
Savory Artichoke Pie
Cheeseless Pizza
Baked French Fries
Coconut-Flavored Polenta with Beans and Peppers
Banana Chocolate Chip Pudding Bread
Cranberry Orange Scones

Also included in this book are helpful tips and pantry lists for stocking up a vegan kitchen, as well as a practical guide to cooking terms and techniques.

Maxine Effenson Chuck is a senior development editor at Pearson Education in Boston, MA.  She edits eTexts and online content that teach preservice and inservice teachers how to teach preschool to high school students across disciplines.  Maxine lives in Brookline, MA with her husband and cat, Allie.

Beth Gurney spends her time between Brookline, MA and Northport, ME.  She is a professional chef, pastry chef and a cooking teacher.  She teaches workshops and cooking classes with a focus on health, nutrition and seasonality.

This cookbook has 216 pages $19.95 CA / $19.95 US / £12.95 UK available from February 2014.
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