Monday, October 21, 2013

The Studio By Ellen Barrett Fusion Flow DVD Review

I love Ellen Barrett.  This workout is nothing like any of the others I have done by her before.  She is so talented.  Ellen knows how to get you in shape without making you feel stressed or frustrated.  The workout seems to be easy but that's deceptive because you are surely getting a great workout.  I have done this workout several times now and she really works you from head to toe.  I enjoy every minute of this routine. 
If you are looking to get fit and keep your mind at ease then Fusion Flow is the workout for you.  It's not like anything else you have tried because it firms effectively yet it softens your tension in your neck, shoulders and back.  I carry tension in my shoulders almost all the time and it really does release the tension after this workout.  By using a combination of seamless yoga, calisthenics and meditative breathing you will get your head to toe toning in a peaceful manner.

This DVD does not require any equipment.  You can do this anywhere, any time and you will see the results and feel them too.  Get ready to cinch your middle, sculpt your upper body and tighten your tush and the entire lower body as well.   This workout really does feel like a warm hug.  Not a round in the boxing ring.  Each day brings it's own challenges your workout doesn't have to be a battle.  This is literally exercise disguised as poetry in motion. 

The STUDIO by Ellen Barrett Fusion Flow workout showcases fusion fitness, the coming of many disciplines at once, from Pilates and yoga to Ballet and sports conditioning.  By doing this, we make more efficient and more enjoyable workouts that deliver a greater wellbeing.  (Dare I say workout perfection? After 15+ years in the fitness trenches, I think so!)

Total Fitness DVDs sent me this to review.  They have a terrific selection of workout DVDs to choose from with real customer reviews on their site to help you decide on which DVD is the right one for you.