Monday, October 21, 2013

30 Minutes to Fitness Trim Down by Kelly Coffey-Meyer Review

Total Fitness DVD's sent me the 30 Minutes to Fitness Trim Down by Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD to review.  This is the first time that I have worked out with Kelly Coffey-Meyer.  My friends have always raved about her style and technique.  I couldn't wait to pop in this DVD and get started.  I did the first workout last Monday and the second workout on Wednesday.  The 30 minute workout has it all.  Kelly rotates between strength training and boxing drills.  Her move are easy to follow and designed to thoroughly sculpt the entire body and improve your overall fitness level.  She uses an extra emphasis on your lower body for the majority of the moves which keeps your heart rate elevated and the fat burning which leads to a leaner physique.  The boxing drills get your heart rate up and strengthen your entire upper body at the same time.  Kelly does easy to follow punching combinations that will increase the calorie burning effect using fast paced jabs, hooks, crosses and upper cuts.  This will result in a leaner and stronger upper body.  I can feel the definition in my arms, shoulders and waistline improving each time I do one of these workouts.

I love that the DVD has two complete 30 minute workouts.  I did the first workout again this morning and I plan on doing the second workout on Wednesday this week.  Kelly is one of my favorite new instructors.  She really knows how to get my heart rate up and my muscles sore.  I sweat profusely each time I do one of these workouts.  The second workout is a little more difficult than the first.  I really believe these workouts will help the user trim down.  I feel more definition in my arms already and am looking forward to getting trimmed down and in super shape thanks to these two super fun workouts.