Monday, October 7, 2013

Michelle Dozois Body Fit 360 DVD Review

Michelle Dozois, creator of the award winning Peak 10® Fat Loss System, is excited to announce her new and innovative total conditioning program, BodyFIT 360.  Drawing from her extensive background in dance, fitness and gymnastics, Michelle has created a cutting edge,bodyweight and dance-conditioning workout for those looking for a new and challenging way to feel strong, flexible lean and fit.
Michelle’s unique use of musical, movement sequencing will help you groove, flow, jump and move in 360 degrees of motion.  Each exercise series is carefully designed to increase your heart rate & burn calories while improving both your overall strength and flexibility.  You’ll finish feeling energized, balanced and centered while reshaping your body at the same time.
Body Fit 360 is super challenging and fun all rolled into one.  You will never be bored.  Michelle has some creative moves.  Moves that I absolutely haven't ever seen before.  There are some moves that I am not able to do but I feel confident that I can work up to being able to perform all the moves in this workout DVD.  I have done some other workouts with Michelle in the past and I really like her style.  She is so fit and energetic.  She really makes me want to workout harder so I can be as fit as she is.  
This is a 53 minute workout that combines dance, pilates and yoga for a fast paced sweat fest.  You do not need any equipment, just the yoga mat.   I did it barefoot but you could wear shoes if you prefer.  There are three options on the DVD.  Introduction, Movement Review and Play Full Workout.  During the introduction Michelle talks about what will be in the workout.  During the movement review she goes through the harder moves at a slower pace. 
Once you put this DVD in and hit play you will move and work your body to it's full potential.  It's fun and strengthens your muscles while burning calories.  It does have a dance feel but not too much.  This is an advanced workout.  It has a nice blend of standing and floor work that is choreographed to excellent music.  Everyone should own this DVD.  It's really fun and the time flies by while you get a terrifically intense workout.