Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leslie Sansone: 5 Mega Miles with Toning Band Review

This DVD includes 5 Mega Miles and you can use these miles in any combination that suits you and your goals.
Mile 1 : Classic Low Impact
Mile 2: Walk & Tone
Mile 3: Speed Intervals
Mile4: Strength Intervals
Mile 5: Ab Walk
I did the entire 5 mega miles the day after I got the DVD in the mail.  I really enjoyed the workout.  I like how each of the miles focuses on something different.  My favorite mile is mile 3 the speed intervals.  I also really enjoyed the last mile the ab walk.  It runs 93 minutes so you will need a lot of time if you plan on doing all five miles.  The walkers are smiling and energetic.  It's always a pleasure to take a walk with Leslie and her walkers.

The next time I popped in the DVD I only had time to do 3 of the miles.  I chose the first three.  I enjoyed the workout and worked up a sweat.  The classic low impact mile is just that classic Leslie Sansone walking at home.  She explains all the basics and the mile goes quick.  The next mile is Walk & Tone.  Using the toning band you walk and tone.  It is fun and challenging.  I like the third mile the most with the boosted walking as Leslie calls it.  Boosted walking is more like jogging in place.  

I plan on doing the whole 5 mega miles again the next time I have enough time for that long of a workout.  I love Leslie and I love this DVD.
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