Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jessica Smith's Total Body Balance Workout DVD Review

Collage Video sent me a couple exercise dvd's to review.  Here's a little bit of information about Collage Video for those of you who have never heard of it.  Back in 1987, they realized that back-of-the-package video descriptions — and friends’ suggestions — just didn’t get us videos that were right for OUR situation.  So they decided there had to be a better way — search out the best videos and describe them honestly.  Then they printed the first-ever exercise video catalog. Since then they’ve helped over one million people reach their fitness goals.  25 years later, they’re still here and still family-owned ... all because of their loyal (and in-shape!) customers.

Four well-cued segments: fast-paced aerobics, compound toning, core/stretch and aero/tone intervals.  Done in sequence, this is a truly “balanced” total-body program ... or you can just select one segment for a shorter/easier workout.  The cardio series combines fitness favorites with interesting multi-directional movements.  The toning segment begins with standing dumbbell routines and ends with varied floorwork.  The core/stretch section is a natural fusion of both techniques (e.g. deep stretches that progress into a classic crunches).  The ballet-inspired aero/tone segment ranges from pliés and side-steps to pulsed lunges and seated knee taps.  Can be done in a small area. Requires 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells.

Jessica Smith's Total Body Balance  is so much fun.  I love the scenery outside in Miami.  I have done the full workout and several of the segments on their own.  I really enjoy the toning segment and the core/stretch section too.  Jessica is a fantastic instructor and she really knows her stuff.  Her exercises are quite effective.  They are a bit challenging at times but she makes it easy to follow.  I love working out with Jessica Smith and she has hit it out of the park with this DVD.