Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chihuahua Too! Movie Review

Chihuahua Too really is the cutest movie we have seen in a while.

Animal movies are always a lot of fun.  We are dog lovers.  I love movies that have dogs talking and having human characteristics.  This DVD features a loyal, wise and cuddly golden retriever and a beautiful former actress chihuahua that happens to be a ghost.  Both of the dogs are likeable and fun to watch.  We found this movie to be humorous and heart warming.  It has some great life lessons to be learned as kids.   Both adults and children will be entertained by this movie.

Chihuahua Too
Too Much Doggone Fun

Release date 8/13/13

Synopsis: “When the Fasteners inherit an old family vacation home, they soon realize it’s being haunted by their ancestors’ famous movie star dog, Sophie. Homer, the Fastener’s golden retriever, befriends Sophie and discovers that she is just looking for a family to love. Now it’s up to Homer and the Fastener kids to convince their parents that Sophie really exists and keep them from selling the house and leaving Sophie alone forever. Will Sophie finally have a family again? Find out in this hilarious tail-wagging adventure featuring lessons about acceptance, cooperation and honesty.”