Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sexy Abs - Brooke Burke DVD Review

Sexy Abs - Brooke Burke

Instructor's name: Brooke Burke
Type of Workout:  Toning
Fitness Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Hand Weights
Total Running Time:  60 Minutes
Release Date:  2013

Region: 1 (USA & Canada)

Join Brooke Burke for this fun and easy-to-follow workout toward the abs you’ve always wanted. As a 40-something mother of four, Brooke knows how difficult it is to get into shape and stay fit while juggling a busy schedule. Brooke created three effective 20-minute fat-burning routines that target the core muscles and make working out fun. These short workouts will quickly help you feel and look your best, so you can get back to your busy day.
“After four babies I know what it takes to get the belly back in shape.” – Brooke Burke

Okay, I haven't had four babies but my abs are in bad shape.  I have lost over 100 pounds and my stomach looks like I just had a baby.  I really enjoy toning and tightening my abs.  There are three workouts on this DVD.  The first one is cardio abs.  This one has a lot of standing ab work.  There are 20 minutes of great cardio ab moves that get your core strong and ripped. 

The second workout is classic abs.  This one has 20 minutes of classic ab routines.  Lots of mat work.  The thing I didn't expect to get from this DVD was my booty also got a great workout.  I was super sore after doing this portion of the DVD.  I love it when an exercise routine leaves me feeling sore.  Soreness leads to my muscles changing and I want them to change and get tight and toned.

The third workout Brooke calls her sweet 16.  She picked 16 of her favorite ab workouts and combined them for a super challenging and fun workout.  This 20 minute workout will leave you energized and tight and toned.  I like her sweet 16.

I have done all three of these workouts in a row and I have done one or two together as well.  I really like being able to target the trouble areas and work on getting them pulled in and looking great.  Brooke Burke has quickly become one of my favorite instructors.  She is so good at giving the instructions and then doing the work right along with me.  I enjoy that she sweats and gets out of breath too!  She always counts down and says little words of encouragement.  She makes it fun and helps me to stay motivated to finish.  Like Brooke says you can do anything for thirty seconds and it's true, you can!

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