Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Campus Bellhops Will Help Your College Student's Move Run Smoothly.

I hate moving.  Moving is never easy.  Summer is almost here and it will be time for college students to move again.  I found this awesome service that will help your college student take the pain out of moving.  Campus Bellhops is a student run business on 50+ college campuses nationwide.  They cover move-in's and move-outs for dorms, apartments, houses and storage units.  All bellhops (movers) are University students.  The customer will receive an email with their two assigned bellhops bios before they arrive to help the customer move.  The company was started by two Auburn University entrepreneurs and now it spans over 50 campuses and employs over 2500 students.

Seriously I wish they had this when I was in college.  I always lived off campus in an apartment and I moved each year when the lease ended to another apartment.  That's four moves in four years.  Somehow the moves always occurred in the hottest time of year in Florida where temps can reach well over 100 degrees.  So using Campus Bellhops would have been super for me back then.  It never fails that you will be on the top floor and have to move everything up all the stairs and down all the stairs.

They are super affordable with standard dorm moves costing under $100.  Did you know that 60% of college students live in a traditional on-campus dorm for their first college residence.  Kids usually have TV's, microwave ovens, dishes, mini fridges and heavy storage bins.  56% of college kids pack between 11 and 15 boxes for a move.  54% of moms compared the college moving experience with unpleasant activities such as a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the DMV.  Instead of helping your kids move, get Campus Bellhops and save the energy for some quality time together doing something fun!

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