Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dance Off the Inches: Latin Party Pack Review

The Dance Off The Inches Latin Party Pack DVD Set comes with Salsa Sculpting Bars and features four total body workouts.  With this you can shed unwanted pounds and inches while dancing to high-energy music.  At the beat of high-energy music, you will shed your unwanted fat.  This pack comes with four total body workouts including the Red Hot Cardio Party, Sizzling Salsa, Total Body Tone with a Twist, and Slim & Sexy Dancer's Abs.  The Dance Off the Inches DVD pack also includes a 30-day body revolution guide with tips for best results.  Salsa sculpting bars and bonus step guides are also included in this Latin Dance workout DVD pack.  The three included DVDs are easy to follow along and the high-energy music makes exercising fun.

The four workouts are as follows:

Red Hot Cardio Party - High energy, super fun workout!

Sizzling Salsa - This one is my favorite, I love to salsa even though I feel silly when I do it.

Total Body Tone with a Twist - Extremely good total body toning workout, this one rocks!

Slim & Sexy Dancer's Abs - I love this workout.  I want slim and sexy dancer's abs so I will do this one regularly!

This party pack also includes bonus step guides that are super easy to follow along, it includes 30-day body revolution guide and the salsa sculpting bars.