Friday, August 1, 2014

Top Ten Back to School Tips

It's almost time to head back to school and that means that we will have to spend more money than usual.  I have come up with a list of ten tips to save money when headed back to school.  To keep your budget in line you need to plan ahead.  There are always sales right before school starts back so take advantage of those sales.
1. Make a list and stick to it when buying school supplies.  Only get the things you need for the school year.
2. Buy generic or store brand items to save even more.
3. Buy the must-have clothing items during back-to-school sales, but save some money in the budget until after school starts, you don't have to get everything before school starts.
4. Look for clothes at consignment stores, you can find bargains there.
5. If your family budget does not allow for your kids to participate in every after school activity they’d like, tell them to choose one or two and then look for alternatives through the YMCA or church.
6. Ask family members to purchase sporting equipment, lessons or uniforms as birthday or holiday gifts, you will really save with this tip.
7. Rent instruments before you buy until you know your child will stick with it.
8. For lunch, use reusable containers instead of plastic bags.
9. Buy lunch items in bulk if your kids will be packing a lunch every day.
10. Look into carpool options for before or after school events or practices.