Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brooke Burke Transform your Body Strengthen & Condition DVD Review

Total Fitness DVD's sent me Brooke Burke Transform your Body Strengthen & Condition DVD to review.  This is not my first Brooke Burke workout . She is one of my favorite instructors.  This DVD has her trainer in it.  He demonstrates the moves and encourages us to keep going with Brooke too.  It is a nice, fun workout.  The moves are easy to follow and very effective.  I love Brooke and this is quickly becoming one of my favorite workout DVDs.

Brooke Burke, TV star, entrepreneur, author and 40 year old mother of four, will help you strengthen and condition your muscles efficiently.  Celebrity trainer Greg Joujon-Roche joins Brooke in helping you transform your body and reach your goals by leading a challenging and dynamic workout that exercises every muscle.  In this fun calorie burning workout, Brooke and Greg target three mail muscle groups - the upper body, the core and the lower body - leading the way toward a stronger, healthier and happier you. 

Instructor's name: Brooke Burke
Type of Workout: Toning
Fitness Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Hand Weights
Total Running Time: 60 Minutes 
Warm Up: 4.5 minutes (stretch)
Workout: 49.5 minutes
Lower Body: 15.5 minutes(cardio & toning)
Upper Body: 18 minutes (toning)
Core: 16 minutes (toning)
Cool Down: 2.5 minutes (stretch)
Total Workout Time: 56.5 minutes
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