Monday, August 19, 2013

Tighten Tone and Torch with Suzanne Bowen Review

Collage Video sent me a couple dvd's to review.  Here's a little bit of information about Collage Video for those of you who have never heard of it.  Back in 1987, they realized that back-of-the-package video descriptions — and friends’ suggestions — just didn’t get us videos that were right for OUR situation.  So they decided there had to be a better way — search out the best videos and describe them honestly.   So they printed the first-ever exercise video catalog. Since then we’ve helped over one million people reach their fitness goals.  25 years later, they’re still here and still family-owned ... all because of their loyal (and in-shape!) customers. 

They have amazing customer service and they are always a joy to work with.

Suzanne Bowen's Tighten Tone and Torch is the first workout that I reviewed.  I have never done a workout with Suzanne Bowen before so I had no idea what to expect.  This workout is packed with all her favorite exercises, she will lead you through challenging yet achievable workouts, no matter your fitness level.  Get ready to feel a transformation as you tone, tighten and torch your way thru these powerful segments.  You'll quickly experience why this has become one of Suzanne's favorite workouts yet!

"Yes you can!" Upper Body Sleek - 20 Minutes - This is an innovative mat and weight work routine defines, chisels and sculpts the entire upper body.  Expect a challenge and listen to your body. Use 2-5 pound weights.

Lower Body Lean - 20 Minutes  - Prepare to shake and burn with Suzanne in this toning and shaping lower body fat melter!  Optional addition of 2-5 pound weights.

Cardio Torch - 20 Minutes - This interval style cardio segment will take your heart rate up and down with controlled, low impact options for the ultimate fat sizzler.  Then it finishes strong with a bonus abs workout (mat required).

Stretch - 12 Minutes - This stretch is the perfect way to end each day's workout with this aligned stretching routine which will help bring mobility to the joints and de-stress.  Don't skip the stretching, it's so important.  You will need something to hold onto for balance and a mat.

I really enjoy her style.  There are a lot of planks and barre style moves.  I feel tight and toned after doing this workout several times in the past couple weeks.  

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