Sunday, August 25, 2013

Premio Foods Sausage Review

Premio Foods sent me a couple kinds of sausage to review.  My family and I really enjoy sausage and Premio Real Italian Taste is high quality good sausage.  First we had the Hot Italian Sausage
I took the hot sausage and cooked it in a pan.  I browned it with onions and bell pepper.  I used the sausage and veggie mix to make a spaghetti sauce.  I used a tomato sauce.  We ate it over spaghetti.  This Hot Italian Sausage is phenomenal.  Everyone really enjoy it.  I will definitely be buying this again. 

Next we tried the Premio Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage.  We used  this sausage in our breakfast casserole.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about liking it because I haven't ever really like chicken sausage, but this is the best chicken sausage I have ever had.  It's delicious.  The entire family was pleased with the breakfast casserole.  We will buy this again because chicken sausage is a healthier alternative to regular sausage and we loved it too!

I highly recommend Premio Foods.  They have the highest quality sausage and it's delicious.  They have wonderful customer service and they are such a joy to deal with.