Sunday, March 17, 2013

Power 4 Pink Workout Review

"The Power 4 Pink Workout is honestly one of the best exercise DVDs.  Within two weeks of doing each series only twice a week I felt a tremendous change with the hard to reach areas. The simplicity of being able to do the this at home without a lot of space or equipment need is a huge bonus. I guarantee your abs will have never felt as strong nor your legs so firm! There are adjustments for every fitness level providing the ultimate challenge or beginning basics. The best part is knowing the workout is supporting a great cause!"--Emily Capretta, Proactive Sports Performance Lab.

Product Description

The Power 4 Pink Workout is a dynamic fusion including, cardio, strength, pilates and balance.  This intense workout is a perfect blend of mind-body and fitness exercises.  The DVD is divided into 4 sections, The Cardio Interval Balance Challenge, The Toning Floor Series, The Stretch and Revive Series & a special bonus section with Exercises Specifically for Breast Cancer Survivors.  The Benefits of this program are that it burns calories in a short period of time, assists in weight loss, builds strength and endurance and it helps to improve balance and proprioception.  It also strengthens and flattens the abdominals, reduces stress and tones the entire body too.

100 Percent of the Net Profits from the sale of this DVD go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation which is amazing and wonderful!


I received a copy of this DVD to review.  I have done the workouts a few times each.  I really feel stronger and like this workout.  As you know I have been working out on a daily basis for over a year now.  I mainly do workout DVDs at home and this one is fun and a bit intense at times.  It provides a great workout and I really do enjoy it.  I am impressed with the fact that 100% of the net profits go directly to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I love companies that give back.

Patricia Friberg is the instructor she delivers dynamic cardio, strength training, toning and challenging balance poses too.  This is an 80 minute workout video.  She does a lot of my favorite moves.  I love this workout and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to get fit and see results!  Get this DVD and do it regularly you won't regret it!