Friday, March 1, 2013

Leslie Sansone's Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan DVD Review

Collage Video sent me Leslie Sansone's Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan DVD to review.  I decided to do this just as prescribed.  So I did the Monday through Friday workout on the day they are recommended to be completed.  Each day has a different number of miles and some have some toning sections too.  Friday's workout takes about an hour so I had to get up extra early for that one.  This DVD is super.  You can literally do any combination of miles and strength training routines. 

Collage Video is a super store for workout dvds.  They have everything you could possibly want to get.  They include great reviews from users and trainers.  Also there are actual clips from the dvd's that you can watch.  They also have an amazing return policy.  If you get a dvd that just isn't right for you they allow you to send it back for a refund.

Leslie Sansone is one of my favorite instructors.  I like her no nonsense workouts.  She doesn't do a lot of dancing which I love.  I like the moves to be straight forward and easy to follow.  But they are also a bit challenging and I do feel as though I am getting a good workout.  My heart rate gets up there and I break a sweat too!

With this dvd you will find that each day gives you a daily walk and then you will target tone a specific muscle group with your daily strength routine.  Here's the plan.

Monday:  3 Mile Walk + Ab Session

Tuesday: 4 Mile Walk + Arm Session

Wednesday:  1 Mile Walk + Leg Session

Thursday:  2 Mile Walk + Chest & Back Session

Friday:  5 Mile Walk + Full Body Stretch

If you do each workout on the day given you will have a big calorie burning week.  And you will target tone the full body in all the key areas.  You can have your workout routine planned out for the entire week.  With the convenience of just one dvd to put in and press play.

I am definitely leaving this one in the rotation!  I love this dvd and the amount of different workouts I can select and do is amazing.