Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boston Body Barre Sculpt Express with Zayna Gold DVD Review

Zayna Gold presents Boston Body Barre Sculpt Express.  I received a copy of this to review a little over a week ago.  I have done the workout twice now.  I am sore all over from this workout.  Zayna Gold does an excellent job with the cues and her workout is tough.   

This DVD will help you burn fat and create muscle, tone you from head to toe and help you get longer and leaner.  The DVD also includes an extra 10 minute Butt Blaster section, which is super tough but worth it.

BOSTON BODY BARRE  is an exclusive Pilates and Cardio based fitness program that will transform your body in just 30 sessions.  Zayna Gold, Boston Body Program Director, has designed this 60 minute routine to target your problem areas and get results fast.  The more you do this DVD the more results you will see.  Especially for challenge areas like buttocks, waistline and upper arms.

I plan to keep this one in the rotation.  I really enjoyed it.  The hour goes by fast and my muscles were screaming but after I finished I felt energized and strong.  I really like the style of this workout.  If you are looking for something challenging and different this is probably the workout for you.

I have been working out every day for over a year and I thought I just wouldn't get sore any more, but this DVD has shown me that I just had to workout differently to get sore again.  About 10 minutes into this workout my muscles were shaking, but I kept working and I completed it.  This is a super fun challenge.