Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ellen Barrett Live : Sleek Sculpt Express Review

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About the Actor

Ellen Barrett, M.A. is "the country's top fitness instructor" says SELF magazine because she personifies 21st century fitness, where the mind, body and spirit converge for more intelligent, efficient workouts. As a best-selling DVD creator and book author, she's a go-to-expert specifically regarding women and weight loss, Pilates, Fusion fitness, pre- and post-natal exercise and inspired wellness. Sure exercise tones your tush but when it's done right it also makes the spirit soar! That's why Ellen began teaching group exercise while in college and never stopped, teaching all over the globe for Club Med in the Carribean, Crunch Gym in Los Angeles and NYC, Corporate America, the Kripalu Center and eventually at her very own studio in Connecticut. Weight Watcher's hired Ellen as their fitness walking spokeswoman. Lifetime TV selected Ellen as their resident Fit Pro. Family Circle Magazine elected Ellen to their advisory board. FIT TV cast Ellen as lead instructor on All Star Workouts. Her most recent launches have been ELLEN BARRETT LIVE DVD series, Prevention magazine's FLAT BELLY WORKOUT DVD's, and her wellness site Sneak In Some Skinny. Ellen currently resides in Connecticut with her husband and son. She travels extensively for workshops, retreats and media events.

Product Description

30 minutes to a sleek physique! Created by renown fitness expert, Ellen Barrett, SLEEK SCULPT EXPRESS is an ultra efficient toner-upper as it burns calories, tightens and tones, and inspires in body, mind and spirit. Using a mixture of yoga, Pilates and mind/body sculpting, SLEEK SCULPT EXPRESS integrates the muscles of the body, working multiple areas at once. It also flows. Every exercise is choreographed to seamlessly move into the next so muscles are always engaged. There is not a single wasted moment, not-a-one. So come on! Grab a light set of hand weights, kick off your shoes and embark on a love/love relationship with your muscles. They will love you (no aches or pains) and you will love them (strong and gorgeous).

Review -

Total Fitness DVDs sent me Ellen Barrett Live : Sleek Sculpt Express to review.  It's always a pleasure to work with Total Fitness DVDs.  They have a wonderful selection of workout videos.  Total Fitness DVDs also have a nice customer service team that is super helpful.  If you are in the market for workout DVDs you should check them out.  I love to browse the new releases and see what they have that I want to get next.

I love Ellen Barrett and I am often short on time.  Most of the Ellen Barrett DVDs that I have are almost an hour long.  I rarely have that much time to workout in the morning.  I am happy  that she finally compromised and made a shorter workout.  I started this workout with 5 pound dumbbells and by the second half I was using 2 pound dumbbells.

This workout is fun and challenging.  I was sore at the end of the workout.  I felt muscles in my arms and core that I haven't felt in quite sometime.  Ellen takes you through a series of moves and then repeats the whole series.  Before you know it the workout is over and you are ready to take on the day.  I still love Ellen and with this DVD I love her even more.  I highly recommend this DVD.