Friday, August 5, 2011

Kill Cliff Sports Recovery Drink Review

KILL CLIFF is a company that’s looking to do something different. We’re not producing just another drink, but a beverage that will help with both endurance and recovery, and we’re not doing it because we think the world needs another drink, but because the world needs a healthy, functinal beverage that actually works.
Kill Cliff was created by a former US Navy SEAL who wanted to create a drink that he could consume on a daily basis, and one that would also deliver key nutraceutical performance ingredients.
Motivation plays a big part in what we do, and one of our biggest motivations is giving back to our military brothers, and our communities. Our goal is to be the single largest contributor to SEAL, wounded veterans, and Special Forces/Warfare related charities. Additionally, Kill Cliff will contribute to other community charities in and around Atlanta, Georgia and other locals where the product is sold.

I received a case of Kill Cliff Sports Recovery Drinks to sample and review.  I am not a very active person so I thought that these would be better for the athletes in my life.  I did try one and it was really good.  I loved that it was natural tasting and no sugar crash after drinking it.  I felt good after having a Kill Cliff.  I also shared these with my family and friends and everyone gave me positive feedback about the drink.  They said they were really good tasting and the drinks made them feel restored after a hard workout. 

One of my cousins even said this drink was a good cure for a hangover, but I didn't test that theory myself.  I am too old for hangovers anyway.  Kill Cliff is the world's only anti-inflammatory sports drink. 

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I assure you that you will be happy you tried Kill Cliff, so go to their website and order a case, you will not regret it.  They also sell cool tee shirts.