Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shopping For Cutlery

I need new cutlery so I decided to look around and see which set I want to get. I settled on this Knife Block Set by Rachael Ray from Furi. It's so nice. I cannot wait to get it and put it to use. I love the way this set looks and I know I am going to love the feel of it as well. I found it at where there is a wonderful selection of cutlery.

Rachael Ray from Furi Knife Block Set:

Füri Rachael Ray Essentials is made from the finest German CrMoV stainless steel, forged bolster, one-piece with blade, and strong tang for supreme strength. The handle core is made from ultra-tough molded polypropylene (PP), with an injection-molded synthetic outer layer of ‘superior grip' thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, a durable synthetic rubber). The patented* Füri ‘reverse-wedge' shape handle prevents your hand from slipping forward even when wet or oily. The harder you cut the more the handle of the knife locks into your hand, makMade from the finest German CrMoV stainless steel for the ideal combination of edge retention, ease of sharpening and corrosion resistance. Gusto-Grip handle design has a tailor-made finger groove with palm control grip creating an ergonomically safe handle. Solid cast stainless steel counterweight mounted at the end of the handle for precision balance.

Set Includes:
  • 8-in. Cook's Knife

  • 8-in. Bread Knife

  • 8-in. Carving Knife

  • Carving Fork

  • 7-in. Edgy Santoku Knife

  • 6-in. Serrated Utility Knife

  • 5-in. Boning Knife

  • 3.5-in. Paring Knife

  • Poultry Shears

  • Bamboo Knife Block

    (Item #610780) w8

  • Product Characteristics:
    Material:   Bamboo Knife Block
    Origin:   China
    Material Blade:   Stainless Steel
    Material Handle:   Silicone
    Size:   10-pc.
    Cleaning & Care:   Handwash Recommended
    Warranty:   Lifetime

    Isn't that a fine looking set of knives?  It was love at first sight for me.  This set of knives has five out of five stars on customer reviews.  That's the best rating you can get. If you're in the market for cutlery, go to and check out their amazing selection.  I know you will find the set of your dreams just like I did.