Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready For Back To School

It's almost time to get the kids back to school.  I am thinking about it and looking forward to it.  I have compiled a list of tips to help get your kids ready for back to school.  I know these might be really helpful to you.

1.  Keep fresh fruits in the house for snacks.  Get the junk out and keep it out.  Eating healthy makes us healthy.

2.  Do your back to school shopping early.  Do not wait until the last minute.  The stores will be so busy and overwhelming.  Go shopping early and get it done quickly.  Do not stress out about the back to school shopping.

3.  Stay active year round.  During the summer we ride bikes and swim a lot to st
ay active.  It's a lot of fun and it keeps up moving.  Once school starts back up we have our normal activities to keep us busy.

4.  Go to the dentist and get teeth cleaned and checked for cavities.  We go to the dentist twice a year and have the appointments scheduled before school and then again before the summer.

5.  Go to the eye doctor and get their eyes checked.  Eye health is very important.  Healthy eyes and being able to see help children do well in school.

6.  Don't over pack their backpacks.  Over packed back packs are too heavy for little ones.  Check them out and make sure that your children are able to carry them easily.

7.  Write down a list of the medications your children take and give it to the school nurse before they go back to school.  Make sure you talk to your children about their medication and what they have to take and when.

8.  Get any necessary immunizations.  If you need any immunizations get them taken care of before school starts, while you're there get a physical and make sure nothing is wrong physically with your children.

9.  Talk with your children about possible dangers in riding the school bus or walking to and from school.  Talk about what to do in different situations.  A prepared child is a healthy child.

10.  Have fun.  Do not get stressed out about back to school.  Make it fun and enjoy yourself.

These are the top ten tips for a healthy back to school season.  I know that back to school is an exciting time and fun time, but it could also be stressful.  There's no need to get stressed about it.

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