Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cool, Calm and Collected

Growing up I had my own personal sense of style.  I liked to wear clothes that were hip and stylish.  Our son has his own person sense of style.  He likes to be cool, calm and collected.  He helps me shop for his clothes.  He likes to be classic and not trendy.  While the other kids are wearing the newest fads he is wearing what he likes whether or not it's the cool thing to wear. 

One example of what he likes to wear is a nice pair of longer shorts with a polo shirt.  It's almost as if he has a uniform for school, but in our area we don't wear uniforms.  He loves the classic look of that sort of outfit.  Pretty much he takes after his Dad when it comes to style.  Dad wears his own personal style and our son will take that and make it his own. 

I love that our son loves to be unique when it comes to his own personal sense of style.  He is not a clone.  JC Penney offers a lot of great deals on clothes that he loves to wear.  We shop at the mall on special occasions and when we do our son always wants to go to JC Penney.  We can agree on that store because it has prices that we can afford and clothes that our son wants to wear.

Since it's summer now our son wears board shorts and tank tops a lot.  He likes colorful board shorts with a plain tank top.  He loves flip flops and sneakers, but in the summer it's mainly flip flops for him.  He likes his feet to be free.  He is not afraid to wear bright colors or colors that others tend to see as feminine like pink or red.  We allow him to be free with his clothing choices as long as they are not offensive to others. 

It is really nice to have your own individual sense of style.  No one wants to be a clone of another person.  Clothing is a good way to express individuality.  It's always fun to shake things up a bit.  I know that when I have clothes that I love on, I feel good.  It's wonderful to be able to express yourself with your clothing choices.  Style is a very personal thing and should be expressed by each and every individual.  I am so happy to have a son that is expressive with his personality and his clothing choices.

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