Monday, December 9, 2013

Trim in 10 Total Workout Review

Did you overeat over the holidays?  Is your New Years resolution to get fit for the summer and for your health?   I found a new workout system Trim In 10 that will help you get to your goal fitness level.  Trim In 10 includes high cardio challenges, torso tacklers and strength stackers.  This is a Trim in 10 Total Body 3-DVD set.  Each disc will help you target all the different parts of your body and get them into the best shape of your life.  
If you have10 minutes a day then you have time to get into shape.  The Strength Stackers DVD includes segments of working the biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and legs. The Cardio Challenges DVD is a fun 10 minutes a day working on the belly, kickboxing, floor aerobics, and a high intensity interval training, step and cardio bounce.  The Torso Tacklers DVD is full of core workouts using the All Ball, Mat, Kickboxing, Weighted, Plank and Resistance Band Cores.
You will not get bored with the workouts on this DVD set.  If you love to dance or want to learn Kickboxing, this is the perfect workout set for you.  Tara offers you options you can either keep her pace or go at a slower pace to suit your needs.  There are modifications and  even a demonstrator on the DVD working out at the same time but in a slowed down pace for you to follow until you get up to speed.  If you follow the modifications you will still get a fantastic workout.