Friday, April 27, 2012

40 Pounds Lost in 17 Weeks on Nutrisystem #NSNation

     I have just completed seventeen weeks on Nutrisystem and I have lost 40 pounds since I began this journey.  I am halfway to my original goal weight.  I think that once I reach my goal then I will decide to go a bit further but I'll wait until I reach it to decide.  I am healthier and stronger with each passing day.  This morning when I stepped on the scale I was so excited to see the three pound weight loss for the week.  I set a goal for a three pound loss this week and I achieved.  
     Today I had the nutriflakes cereal with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast. I do not add fruit to mine but it is good without the fruit.  It's a fairly large serving too.  I love the almond milk.  It's only 35 calories for a whole cup which is a great thing.  It's full of protein and with the cereal I am getting loads of fiber also.  I drink a protein shake with breakfast as well.  So with all that combined I feel full and satisfied each morning after breakfast.

     This is so easy to follow and the results are astounding.  I have done a lot of diets in the past and this is the first time I have ever stuck to something for this long.  Nutrisystem gives me the results and that makes it easy for me to keep working on following the plan.  I am really starting to see a difference and people tell me all the time how great I am looking with the weight coming off.  

     Halfway to goal feels good.  I am so excited to share this journey with you all and I thank you for following along with me while I get fit and lose weight.  If you would like to start Nutrisystem send me an email and I'll have a $30 discount code sent to you.  You will be surprised how affordable it is to start today.

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FTC Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program to me at no charge in exchange for my participation in the program and review of the program.   The opinions expressed are my own.