Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ellen Barrett Fitness DVDs Review

Ellen Barrett has a nice website with a large selection of fitness DVDs.  I was lucky enough to receive three of those DVDs to review for my blog.  I first learned about Ellen from a 10 Minute Solutions Pilates Choose Your Level workout I was using.  I love her style of teaching.  It's calm and focused.  I really enjoy working out with her.

I found a little information about Ellen from her website:

"My goal is to inspire."
Ellen Barrett, M.A. is "...the country's top fitness instructor," says SELF magazine because she personifies 21st century fitness, where the mind, body and spirit converge for more intelligent, efficient workouts. As a best-selling DVD creator and book author,  she's a go-to-expert specifically regarding women and weight loss, Pilates, Fusion fitness, pre- and post-natal exercise and inspired wellness.
"Fitness is physical AND spiritual."
Sure exercise tones your tush but when it's done right it also makes the spirit soar! That's why Ellen began teaching group exercise while in college and never stopped, teaching all over the globe for Club Med in the Carribean, Crunch Gym in Los Angeles and NYC, Corporate America, the Kripalu Center and eventually at her very own studio in Connecticut.
"Exercise should always feel good."
 Weight Watcher's hired Ellen as their fitness walking spokeswoman. Lifetime TV selected Ellen as their resident Fit Pro. Family Circle Magazine elected Ellen to their advisory board. FIT TV cast Ellen as lead instructor on All Star Workouts. Her most recent launches have been ELLEN BARRETT LIVE DVD series, Prevention magazine's FLAT BELLY WORKOUT DVD's, and her wellness site Sneak In Some Skinny. To view Ellen's reel, click here. 
Ellen currently resides in Connecticut with her husband and son.  She travels extensively for workshops, retreats and media events - click here to view her calendar.

The Yogini Workout DVD is the first one that I tried.  I love it!  It's not exactly easy but it is a wonderful workout and I feel amazing when I am finished with it.  My thighs were burning the first time I did it, but each time I put it in and watch it I get stronger.
Burn fat, firm up & de-stress with ab targeting fusion fitness. The teeny bit of yoga sprinkled into this routine helps us get a long & lean yoga physique without the torture. Barefoot, no equipment necessary, 45minutes duration.

Next I tried the Grace + Gusto DVD.  This one is so much fun!  I love the way it incorporates many styles of workouts for a total body workout.  I feel energized and strong after I do this workout.  I really enjoy it.

The second release in the ELLEN BARRETT LIVE series, Grace+Gusto is a real class, with real class regulars, filmed exclusively in Ellen's studio. Like the other DVDs, it's cardio, stretch and strength all rolled into one for total body conditioning and total person wellness. 

The last DVD I tried was the Power Fusion.   I love how she works out with her class regulars.  It is a great workout.  

 Ellen presents you with "fitness reality" where she works out with class regulars, in her actual studio in one uncut take. It's barefoot cardio, strength and stretch all rolled into one with 30minutes of standing flow followed by 15 minutes of mat work.

I love working out with Ellen Barrett.  Please check her out on twitter and on her website.


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