Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tips for Spreading Holiday Cheer

With the holidays just around the corner, I have come up with some tips for spreading holiday cheer to share with you my readers.  I know it's hard to stay cheerful when you are are so busy, but the holidays are meant for fun and good memories.  We are all very busy and sometimes it may seem like we have too many things to do in too few hours so maybe my tips will help you stay cool, calm and collected.

1.  Make a list - write down what you must accomplish and when you need to have it finished.  I like to organize the list by importance, that way if I do not get to the end of the list the most important things are completed.

2.  Get your shopping done early - I never want to be shopping on Christmas Eve with all the other last minute shoppers, so I get my shopping done as soon as I can.  It's good to start early in the year but if you haven't started yet get your shopping done soon so you can beat the crowds.

3.  Prepare as much food ahead of time as possible - many items can be prepared the night before the big day.  I like to have the cranberry bread and desserts baked in advance so I can take those off my list on the actual day of celebration.

4.  Clean, organize and decorate in advance - you do not want to be cleaning on the day when you are expecting company.   Get it done the weekend before or a few days ahead of time.  It's much easier and less stressful when you are prepared for the relatives before they arrive.

5.  Get the whole family involved - you can not do everything by yourself.  Make a chore chart and delegate the chores to your family members who are able to help.  You are not superwoman do not take on too much and get overwhelmed.

These are simple things that help me spread holiday cheer.  I know you have felt overwhelmed during the holidays like I have and we can do as much as possible to keep it light and enjoyable for everyone, including ourselves.

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