Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Barre3 Standing Slim with Sadie Lincoln

Barre3 Standing Slim with Sadie Lincoln

Instructor's name: Sadie Lincoln 
Type of Workout: Toning
Fitness Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Small Inflatable ball, Optional Light Hand Weights
Total Running Time: 30 Minutes

Release Date: 2013

Region: 0 (Worldwide)
Workout (32 Minutes)
10 Minute Options

  • Warm Up + Yoga Flow
  • Legs, Arms + Core
  • Glutes + Stretch
In this 30 minute workout, Sadie pulls together her favorite go-to exercises designed to multi-task for a toned upper body, a lifted seat, shapely legs, and strong core. Easy to do on the go, Standing Slim is a client favorite because all you need is a waist high surface and you can even do it in your street clothes. 

This workout is quick and fun.  It's tough.  The last portion when she works your booty is very intense.  There are a lot of reps.  But I know it is worth it.  You will be lifted and lengthened.  I love the standing core work.  It is tough and effective.  I love Sadie.  She is so easy to follow and she gives clear instructions.  She stresses that form is the most important thing.  Do not lose your form.  If you have to take a break and come back to it, it's better to do that than to lose your correct form.

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